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Today is May 26, 2019
Bee Yeo
Japanese Speaking Agent/Corporate Leasing/シンガポール賃貸法人個人
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R026718C
Call (+65) 9008 0948
About Testimonials from Clients


From: Mike and Briana Isherwood- repeater clients for multiple rental transactions-1 HDB flat, 2 condos and 1 pretermination of lease

 "Two and a half years ago, Bee and Ethan helped me find my first place in Singapore. Since then they have helped me move twice more and have helped me terminate my last tenancy early (relocating to UK for personal reasons).  Through each instruction, Bee and Ethan have been excellent. They understand what is achievable in the market and help to find the best place available for the budget. They work with you to find the right place, without applying any pressure or any sign of complacency.  It has been a true pleasure dealing with them, I wouldn't consider using anyone else. 

Terminating a tenancy early in Singapore isn't without its difficulties but Bee and Ethan managed the process sensitively and professionally.  With their help we managed to find suitable new tenants and a solution that was agreeable to both us and the landlord. The outcome was a testament to Bee and Ethan's professionalism and dedication.   

Bee and Ethan have become more than just our agents, they are friends and come with our highest recommendation."  - Mike Isherwood 2016 January


"Bee and Ethan have been fantastic agents, we used them three times during our stay in Singapore and each time they managed to figure out what we wanted (even when we weren't sure ourselves!) and found us a perfect home in no time. They were especially helpful and accommodating when house hunting with a newborn who needed to sleep/be fed while we were at viewings. Bee and Ethan also quickly resolved any problems that we had with our flats once we moved in. I would very much recommend them to anyone looking for a flat rental in Singapore." - Briana Isherwood  2016 January

From: Hou Jian- First time HDB flat buyer

作为首次购房者,我们在房屋交易过程中得到了Bee的很多帮助和建议,使得看似繁琐复杂的购房路变得顺利和平坦许多。作为专业房屋经纪,Bee从看房、交易,到验房,时刻站在我们的立场考虑问题,始终把我们的利益放在第一位。她丰富的经验和专业知识令她可以注意到很多房屋结构、内部设施和房屋安全方面的问题,同时对不同类型的房屋市场有深入的了解,对房屋的估价也有准确的预测和判断。 Bee作为房屋经纪,最大的优点是态度负责认真,在交易过程中经常主动和我们保持联系,根据交易的最新进展以及她想到的问题及时与我们沟通。在交易结束后,拿到钥匙前还热心的给出了很多建议和宝贵信息。在拿钥匙那天他还一直陪伴我们完 成了整个房屋的交接和检查。我们很感谢Bee为我们的房屋交易付出的努力』- Hou Jian  2015 January

"We were first time Home buyers. When we contacted Bee about buying a home, she came over to our apartment and we sat down and talked about our goals, our likes and needs for a home. We covered a lot of ground and came up with what we thought would be the best direction to go. She listened to our concerns, our likes and dislikes to our needs. She gave us many points to consider.After looking over several of the suggestions she gave us, we started our hunt for our new home. My wife and I saw several homes over the next month, all were great but just a little too far away for us when Bee came across the house we are now living in.She recommended a good home inspection company along with the Lawyer to help us through the paper work. All the while negotiating the best possible deal for us, without her I believe we would still be looking for a home todayI highly recommend Bee Yeo if you are looking to buy or sell a home today. She is by far the best in the business. "   - Hou Jian  2015 January

From: Zafer Amir & Shalina Haresh – EC Buyers

“My wife and I met Ethan and Bee on a random visit to Tampines Mall. Two weeks later we were applying for our first house with them as our agents. We were pleasantly surprised with their honesty and commitment to help us in this purchase. Having to remove my name from my parent’s home before making the new purchase, Ethan and Bee were constantly there for us, helping us direct our enquiries to the appropriate parties. We would like to thank the both of them for allowing us to fulfill our dream of owning our first house and would highly recommend their services to others.” - Zafer Amir 2013 October

From:  Dr. Anumita & Dr Surajit Das – HDB Buyers

“It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Bee Yeo & Ethan as a residential property agent. They have been extremely professional & instrumental in searching our desired home. We contacted them from Japan for buying a resale HDB flat & communicated via email only. Every time I had a query regarding a flat, they had responded to me with an appropriate answer in few hours. I had asked them to contact may be more than 50 flat owners of my choice to get more details & yes, they did that for meevery time. Just after we reached Singapore, they had prepared a long viewing list for us according to our choice. As a result in a single day & with 3 home visits only, we were able to get our dream home at a dream price. This was possible because of their professionalism & experience. Theyguided us in every step for HDB buying & therefore the experience was absolutely hassling free. In addition to finding the place, they also provided personal help & service every time we needed. This kind of help was beyond our expectation & made us extremely happy. We are touched by their gesture & endeavor. We wish Bee & Ethan all the success. Hopefully one day they will be one of the best property agents in Singapore.”  - Dr. Anumita & Dr. Surajit Das 2013 August

From:  Mike Isherwood – HDB Rental

“Bee and Ethan made the transition from the UK to Singapore seamless.  They both went the extra mile to find me the right place to live.  My criteria was certainly a challenge but they managed to find me something just right, they showed great commitment.  Their attitude was refreshing, there was never a sense of pressure to take a property and they genuinely wanted to find the right place for me, not just a quick sale to get their commission.  There are lots of agents out there but I will certainly employ Bee and Ethan when I am looking for my next place.”  - Mike Isherwood 2013 April

From:  Takashi Seki – District 1 Condo Rental (Corporate Lease)

“Bee-san and Ethan-san did an outstanding job for me during the process of renting my house. When I called with any requests or questions, they took care of me in a timely manner and answered all the questions I had. I couldn’t have been more pleased with another team. They are very positive people and very pleasant to deal with. If I ever rent another home, they would be the team I would want to handle the job.  Thanks to all of them – I had a very good experience through the whole process. Especially Bee-san put together a wonderful team. I absolutely recommend the team to anybody looking to rent a home.” - Takashi Seki 2013 May

From:  Johji Yamada – Flat Rental

“You guys did a lot of effort to find me a suitable place in Singapore. If someone asks me to introduce a good agent, I will definitely choose you guys. Thank you so much to create a report about apartment and condo price rate. I’m really appreciated to go lot of places even in the nights or weekends too.” - Johji Yamada 2013 June

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